How long does it take to get to the center?
— It takes only 6 minutes walk
You have covered parking spaces and the open?
— We have placed indoors in guarded facility and video surveillance
Shuttle service to and from the port and 'always available?
— The shuttle service is always available
How often do the shuttles depart?
— The shuttles are constantly moving, there are no set times or certain, the shuttles run every time you get a customer, even if it were one person: the service we can easily define "custom"
Arrived at the parking lot what should I do?
— Arrived at the car park will be 'welcomed by our staff who will proceed' to the registration of his car quickly and the possible organization of transfers.
I must leave the keys to my car?
— Yes, must leave the keys of his car to our staff: his car will be 'assigned an identification number and will be' placed in order by date and time, so will be 'locked and the keys delivered in a protected place.
I have to pay a surcharge based on the size of my vehicle?
— Yes, but only if you have over half-size, such as a van, a minibus 9 seats, a pickup truck, a van, an SUV and other similar long-wheelbase, or a luxury car
Are you sure?
— Yes, we are covered by insurance fire / theft
The booking is obligatory?
— Not necessarily, but using it could save you the inconvenience of not finding a spot.
Can I leave items in custody?
— Yes, you may 'leave objects in custody, any object must first be declared in the car attendant upon receipt of the car that will provide' to write on the receipt after the statement read. In the absence of his statements and notes provided by the member of our staff on the receipt NOT be liable for any failure, just because 'not detected at the origin
How do I reach the parking lot?
— From the motorway exit of Castellammare just follow the signs to Sorrento. The way forward is unique and can not go wrong, when you get near the center, the main street, take as a reference indicating the police station, a few meters further, on the other side will see our sign just before the no entry.